1009 Unruh Ave,
Philadelphia, PA.
P: 215.342.1500
F: 215.342.2700
Prayer: 8:45 AM, Holy Qurbana: 9:30 AM
Prayer: 6:30 PM
Holy Qurbana: 7:00 PM with intercession to St. Mary
Prayer Meeting: 7:00 PM


Prayer Line

Prayer-line fellowship is a phone prayer fellowship where faithful dial into this prayer meeting. It is an initiative of our parish to bring our people closer to God through prayer and was started under the leadership of our Men’s forum in 2010. This prayer fellowship is open to all and it is a time to praise, worship and pray together no matter where we are. Please dial in and be blessed.

We have an Adult prayer-line fellowship (Communication Medium – Malayalam) and youth prayer-line fellowship (Communication Medium – English)
The adult prayer line fellowship is led by Rev. Fr. M.K. Kuriakose at every Wednesday from 9 AM to 10 AM. The English youth prayer-line is held once a month on Sunday evenings at 8.30 PM. Dates are posted in advance on the face books, church website and emails. English youth prayer line fellowship is led by Rev. Fr. M.K. Kuriakose and Rev.Fr. Geevarghese John. The dial-in phone number and the access code are the same for the adults and the English youth prayer fellowship, please scroll down for this information.

Who are the participants?
This phone prayer-line prayer fellowship is open to all. The participants are from different denominations, and they find this prayer meeting very spiritual, ecumenical and close to their heart. Many faithful’s have set apart this time of prayer as a time for meditation and time in God’s presence. Many faithful’s from different part of the states and even from other countries dial-in every Wednesday on a regular basis to sit in silence for an hour in the presence of God and to worship Him had turned out to be a blessing to many.

Praying for the sick, families and for the world
The sick and suffering and especially empowered since special prayers are made on their behalf. Praying in one accord be it priests or laymen is the power felt in this prayer line. This prayer time has been a time of re-dedication and empowerment in the presence of God for many faithful’s. Families in need are upheld, special prayers are said for the churches, church leaders and for world peace.

Dial In Info

Dial in # 213-342-3000
Access code : 4044200
When prompted for the access code please enter 404420 followed by # and when asked for permission to be on a recorded line you must enter 1 and you will be placed into the prayer line. If you don’t have to speak into the phone you can mute it by pressing *6 and unmute it by pressing *6. This will help us to eliminate any disturbance during the prayer.