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Philadelphia, PA.
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Prayer: 8:45 AM, Holy Qurbana: 9:30 AM
Prayer: 6:30 PM
Holy Qurbana: 7:00 PM with intercession to St. Mary
Prayer Meeting: 7:00 PM




Our Library is located next to the sanctuary having entrance from the hallway at the eastern end. The library has been functioning for many years now. More than three thousand Christian books, many reference materials, Malayalam books on Orthodoxy, videos, DVD’s, audio materials, Internet access etc. are available in the Library. The materials are available to all members of the parish. There will be an annual membership of $25.00 per year for non-members. Non-members are allowed to use the library free of charge in-house, and can check out books after providing a small deposit.

The following are some of major reference materials available:

1. New Catholic Encyclopedia: comprehensively deals with many of themes related to Christian Church, its history, theology, liturgy, biblical studies and so on. A user-friendly book for a person of any age.
2. Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics: Deals with information on world religions and philosophies, a highly scholastic books
3. World Book Encyclopedia: a comprehensive thematic presentation that covers all information about the human inhabited world.
4. Ante-Nicene, Post-Nicene Fathers: A huge collection of patristic writings that deal with the information on the Church just after the apostolic time
5. Many commentaries on the Holy Bible.
6. Multi-volume Church History books.

Come to enjoy the Library that will rake your brain, break your confusions, shake your philosophies and bake new ideas for you!