1009 Unruh Ave,
Philadelphia, PA.
P: 215.342.1500
F: 215.342.2700
Prayer: 8:45 AM, Holy Qurbana: 9:30 AM
Prayer: 6:30 PM
Holy Qurbana: 7:00 PM with intercession to St. Mary
Prayer Meeting: 7:00 PM



In an attempt to distribute power and labor, we decided to institute many subcommittees that can execute different areas of service the parish offers. Ever since the parish moved into the new facility on 1009 Unruh Avenue, these subcommittees have been in functioning. This helped more people involve in the work of the parish and more efficiently different ministries could be active.

There are 12 subcommittees functioning under the Managing Committee and Board of Trustees. Each Managing Committee Member is the Coordinator of each of those Sub Committees. The coordinator is given the authorization to select more members to the subcommittee. The Sub Committees are allocated specific duties. The subcommittees initiate, study and recommend their activities and programs to the Managing Committee and Board of Trustees for review. At the meeting of the Managing Committee and Board of Trustees, each subcommittee coordinator presents that committee’s matters as necessary. The following are the subcommittees:

1. Public Relation Committee: Parish Secretary will be the coordinator of this committee. Duties include publicity, receive new members, prepare brochures, newsletter, announcements of PR nature from time to time, keep inter-parish and inter-church relations in conjunction with the elected representatives. This committee creates visibility and image of the congregation. The parish website was supervised by this committee.
2. Program Committee: Duties include organizing programs for the parish such as parish festivals, special days of celebration, conventions, prayer fellowships, Christmas Eve celebration, workshops, training, educational programs etc. This committee will coordinate participation of the parish in different diocesan programs including those by MGOCSM, Sunday School, Martha Mariam Samajam, Men’s Forum, Young Adult and Couples Fellowship etc.
3. Finance Committee: The Treasurer is the coordinator of this committee. Duties include fundraising using different means, encourage members to give their regular contribution and dues to the parish, send reminders to members, help when special collections are taken for the parish or others etc.
4. Building Maintenance Committee: Duties include overseeing the physical condition of the building and the premises, major installations such as heating and AC systems, propose repairs, contact appropriate consultants, contractors, servicemen for estimates etc.
5. Charity Committee: One of the Asst. Treasurer will be the coordinator. Duties include collection of funds, review charity applications and recommend disbursement to the Managing Committee. Collection of funds from inside or outside the parish is expected and regular charity.
6. Sports and Physical Activity Committee: Duties include organizing various sports events inside the gymnasium, organizing tournaments, recommending sports goods for the parish; control the people using the facility for sports activity. The upkeep of the gymnasium including ordering equipment and maintaining neatness of the gymnasium are part of this committee’s duties.
7. Building and Premises Upkeep Committee: Duties include overseeing the cleanliness and appearance of the interior and exterior of the building, supervise and or arrange lawn mowing, snow moving, general conditions of the toilets, kitchen, hall, trash management and supervise the janitorial service inside and outside the building.
8. Choir and Liturgy Committee: Duties include training and presenting the choir for all worship/sacrament occasions, conventions, retreats, prayer meetings, and other related events. The Choir Committee will control both English and Malayalam worship. Arranging books, or photocopies, maintaining the electronic organ, the PA system, etc. will also be the duties of this Committee.
9. Library Committee: Duties include collection, organization and loaning books to patrons who may include non-members of our parish. Receive donation of books or money towards purchase of books and accession them for loaning to members. Major reference books and internet access are available in the Library.
10. Legal Advisory Committee: Duties include advising the Board of Trustees and the Managing Committee of legal steps to be taken for specific situations. Contact the parish authorized attorney, or other attorneys if necessary on legal matters to study and present recommendations to the Board of Trustees and the Managing Committee.
11. Refreshment & Purchasing Committee: Duties include supervising and managing all purchase of refreshment/food related activities in the church. All food items prepared in house or catered are under the control of this committee. All supplies for the refreshment times will be purchased by this committee.
12. Picnic Committee: The annual parish picnic is organized by this Committee. Reserving parks, arranging food and supplies, organizing all sports and games etc. are the duties of this committee.