1009 Unruh Ave,
Philadelphia, PA.
P: 215.342.1500
F: 215.342.2700
Prayer: 8:45 AM, Holy Qurbana: 9:30 AM
Prayer: 6:30 PM
Holy Qurbana: 7:00 PM with intercession to St. Mary
Prayer Meeting: 7:00 PM


From the Desk of Secretary

My Dear Parish Members,
Thank you for your confidence in me to entrust the responsibilities of the Secretary of this great

parish. Any position in the parish is an opportunity to work in the vineyard of the Lord. Whatever we do in the parish and for the parish, are doing for Him and will be credited in His Kingdom.
If we believe that the help is coming from the Lord who made the heaven and earth, we can handle any difficult situation.

I have a team of young and energetic Managing Committee members and Board of Trustees to work with. Our Treasurer is very capable and dedicated to handle the accounts perfectly and punctually.
It is a pleasure to work with Kuriakosachan. We can approach him at any time for guidance. He is a great teacher, guide and friend. I am sure that Kochachen’s advises will also be very helpful.

On behalf of the Managing Committee, I take this opportunity to assure that there will be only one motto behind our words and deeds – the progress of this Parish.

Please pray for us to get the divine strength and mercy to discharge our responsibilities with faithfulness, fairness and humbleness.
Wish you all a blessed New Year !!!!
“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”. Philippians 4:13
John Panicker, Parish Secretary 2017